Daniel Tejeda

A passionate –sometimes crazy– mexican actor, singer and composer living in Germany.

Show Reels

Singing? Acting? Musical? Freddie Mercury? Mariachi Music? Rapping in german? 
You name it! 

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Daniel's Music

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Romance Sonámbulo

Released in 2018, Daniel's first solo album revolves around the famous poem from the spanish writer Federico García Lorca, painting a wide palette of musical colors and taking you to a journey to post romantic literature through a roller coaster of emotions.

Fasten on your seatbelt. This is a very excentric listen, so you'll probably need a red wine, good quality headphones and the rest of the evening, but in the end it will be worth it.


Support me purchasing my music and merch directly from my bandcamp website.

Mariachi Bastards

Daniel Tejeda's most recent project. His mariachi-rock band combines mexican traditional rhythms with powerful rock music. Caught your attention? Check their website out!

Daniel Tejeda


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